• You're Struggling To Market Your Business

    You understand your vision and the impact you want to make, but it's extremely hard to execute into a business that people will actually buy into.

  • You Have a Serious Lack of Quality Leads

    You have no idea who your perfect payers are or how to attract them to your ecosystem so they become diehard fans and paying customers

  • You're Running Yourself Into The Ground With All The Hats You Wear 

    As a solopreneur or even a small business owner with a small team, operating a startup takes tenacity as you battle with late nights & early mornings - but that's because you lack effective automation & delegation. Being a business owner means time freedom, which is something you're desperate to have more of!

  • You're Wracking Your Brain As a Result of Getting Little To No Traffic

    As quiet as it's kept, you spend your hard-earned money on blind ambition and ads with little to no return on your investment due to lack of strategy... And you're dissappointed & embarrassed by it.

  • You Post on Social Media Like a Crazy Person To No Prevail

    You *were* thoroughly convinced that the more you post & engage on social media, the more you will fall under your perfect payers' radar and the more success you would see... but it's not quite working out that way, is it? 

These Are Some Past Client Results:

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Here's What More of Our Glow Getters Have To Say:

After making just a few tweaks to my back end strategy, I made $2000 in one week thanks to Nani! Now I don't bring in less than $4000 a month and I haven't cracked 2000 IG followers yet!


In my first 5 months, I made over $10,000. In the MIDDLE of the pandemic. This school also helped me with goal-setting and minimizing burnout. Its the best investment I ever made on myself, which truly elevated my mindset and business.


Jessica Case Study:

From Divorced & Doubtful To A Confident, Coin-Catching Changemaker!

Before enrolling I tried and failed 3 times at starting my fashion brand. To date, I have made $2000 from my local boutique via Instagram DMs. My followers, subscribers, and sales are up by 40%! I'm growing a sustainable brand, and that's invaluable.



Meet Tabitha:

Who Made Her First Big Ticket Sale With Less Than 200 Instagram Followers! 

Y'all ain't ready for the new you! [PERIODT.]


Meet Phebe:

From Battered & Broken To Confidence & Clarity

In working with Nani to automate my business, I was struggling and had no clue on how to teach my holistic knowledge or what to charge for it. After hosting 1 livestream with her help, my revenue increased by 500%!!


The Glow Get-Her School has helped me boss up and level up my business so much that I was able to open a SECOND online store! Under the guidance of coach Nani I am successfully scaling and growing two online stores at the same time. Thank you LOE!


Meet Zaynah:

Making Consistent Sales In Her New Premium Skincare Brand

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