The She-EO GLOWUP Society Is For You If...

  • You're An Ambitious She-EO

    looking to scale your business using the power of social media, sales funnels & automation

    • She-EO Directory

      We understand that the journey of busineess-building is a marathon and not a sprint. For that reason, you are guaranteed to experience moments where you feel alone, unsure, and scared for what's next. You may even need a professional for a certain area of your business growth (design, supply, merchandise, advice, support) - so what better way to do that than through a community of like-minded, kindred spirited women who 100% get you because they're going through the same journey?! Our She-EO Directory allows you build life-long, transformational personal and professional connections with hundreds of women worldwide who share your struggles & celebrate your wins. You can filter who you're looking for by industry,  city, country, and more!

    • Swapmeet

      What does a She-EO need to do to grow her business? Make sales! Our swapmeet allows you to connect professionally with one another in a safe space where you can sell your products and support your She-EO sisters in their businesses. Think of it as a virtual bazaar with hundreds of digital booths to browse where you can shop till you drop & sell till you scale!

    • Mindset & Purpose

      If your mindset isn't right, your money will be funny. In this module, we teach you how to be in alignment with your divine assignment so you can walk in your superpower and make the impact and income you've always dreamed of.

    • Goal Setting & Projections

      You can't achieve what you don't measure. When you know your superpower, it's time to set small, measurable & attainable goals you can achieve daily to give you the momentum to reach your freedom lifestyle. Once you start to see a pattern, you'll be able to project future buyer behavior to scale to your first four figure day/week/month, then get to five figures and beyond!

    • Systems

      Automation is my middle name! To grow a successful business, you need a minimum of 60% of your operations to run on autopilot. We teach you exactly how to set up and run the systems that will allow you to run your business without having your business run you.  

    • Social Media Strategy

      Without a roadmap, you can't get to your destination in the most efficient way possible. Using proven social media strategy, you'll be creating and posting content that converts strangers into raving fans and paid clients/customers.

    • Group Coaching (Lazer Sessions)

      Join Nani during bi-weekly Lazer Sessions for those times you feel stuck, need your biz and social media pages audited, and want to collab with other ambitious women in business who can tell you what's working and how to navigate your weak points. 

    • Social Media Strategy Recordings Vault

      As a member of the She-EO GLOWUP Society, you are granted premium access to our exclusive app where we share high-level information on how you can monetize social media at an executive level. We've made six figures using social media and helped dozens achieve 4,5,6 & 7 figures using our strategies will get you there too. And if you forget or need a refresher, rewatch previous lessons inside our vault!

    • Clubhouse Coffee & Coins + *Virtual* Business Brunch Chats 

      You're always the first one invited to Clubhouse "Coffee & Coins" and "Business Brunch Masterclasses held with Nani personally up to 5 times per month on six-figure, executive-level information & real-time strategy she has only shared with her elite students. Sessions are recorded, and you can enjoy them inside our "Masterclass" vault within the membership

    • Learn From 6 & 7 Figure Earning, Winning Women Across 8+ Industries

      These women take time out of their busy schedules to spill the tea on how to build our wealth portfolio across multiple industries. Previous and upcoming exclusive expert trainings include:


      + Buy-And-Hold Stock Investing

      + Passive Income Using Vending Machines

      + Dropshipping

      + Business Taxes & Deductions

      + Franchising

      + Self Care & Holistic Feminine Wellness

      + Public Relations & Being Featured on Major Publications


      ... and more!

    I realized that there were no planners that were reflective of my vibrant culture or offered me the balance I needed. Six figures later, I emphasize that if they don't have a table for you, create your own.

    Grace Gyemfi


    I'm a multi-six figure earner in the vending machine industry. If I could teach you how to do what I do, would you want to learn?

    Crissy Tudors


    I've been a multi-franchise owner with Jiffy Lube for 12 years now, built teams of over 400 people, and made millions in sales.

    Andrea Bailey-Brown




    • Text Reminders 

      You owe it to yourself to do what you've never done to get to a place you've never been. We send you sisterly reminders to stay on fire and in flow while you build a life you know you were always meant to lead.

    • Accountability Corner

      How many times have you made a commitment to yourself with tons of motivation in the beginning, but fell off the horse as time went on? With a supportive sisterhood behind you and a team on your side to keep you focused on your GLOWUP, we'll be in your corner to hold you accountable for achieving the goals you set for yourself with ZERO excuses. 

    • Productivity Push Notifications

      If you haven't noticed by now, we are #superserious about your success and we know all too well how easy it is to lose sight of your vision when life gets in the way. Be the first to know about our Masterclasses & Lazer Sessions with exclusive links, and get first priority when mastermind sessions & courses go on sale!



    What Our Students Are Saying:

    After making just a few tweaks to my back end strategy, I made $2000 in one week thanks to Nani! Now I don't bring in less than $3000 a month and I haven't cracked 2000 IG followers yet!


    Before enrolling I tried and failed 3 times at starting my fashion brand. To date, I have made $2000 from my local boutique via Instagram DMs. My followers, subscribers, and sales are up by 40%! I'm growing a sustainable brand, and that's invaluable.



    Y'all ain't ready for the new you! [PERIODT.]


    In working with Nani to automate my business, I was struggling and had no clue on how to teach my holistic knowledge or what to charge for it. After hosting 1 livestream with her help, my revenue increased by 500%!!


    The Glow Get-Her School has helped me boss up and level up my business so much that I was able to open a SECOND online store! Under the guidance of coach Nani I am successfully scaling and growing two online stores at the same time. Thank you LOE!



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